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For Real Estate Investors

Looking to start your journey as an active real estate investor, but don’t know how and where to begin?

We offer a ‘Plug & Play’ real estate investing model, which is ideal for new investors or seasoned investors who wish to geographically diversify their real estate portfolios. This is also a great way to invest in real estate through retirement account.  

As a real estate attorney/broker/investor, Erin can offer professional and experiential knowledge to guide you on every step of your real estate investment journey. Let us be your one-stop resource for real estate investing in Baltimore County, MD.


Our services for R.E. Investors include:

  • Identifying suitable single family rental properties in pre-vetted neighborhoods

  • Negotiating and purchasing single family rentals

  • Creating and maintaining legal structure for your rentals (e.g. LLC)

  • Placing high-quality tenants

  • Handling daily property management

  • Tracking income and expenses

  • Assisting with tax preparation

Contact us to schedule a free no-obligation consult! 

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