For Investors

Looking for a solid investment opportunity? Invest in us! We can offer an annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 10%. All investments are personally guaranteed, providing an extra level of protection. The basics:

  • Minimum Investment: $10,000.

  • Preferred Investment Term: 10 Years.

Terms are flexible based on your investment needs. Here are three suggested investment options:

  • Option A - 10/10: 10% APY for 10 years.

  • Option B - 8/5:  8% APY for 5 years.

  • Option C - 7/No Fixed Term:  7% APY - no fixed term. Request money back at any time, with three months' notice.


Example (Option A): An investment of $10,000 at 10% APY for ten years would generate ten annual payments of $1,000 each, plus repayment of the $10,000 at the end of the ten-year period. 

Example (Option B): An investment of $10,000 at 8% APY for five years would generate five annual payments of $800 each, plus repayment of the $10,000 at the end of the five-year period. 

Example (Option C): An investment of $10,000 at 7% APY would generate prorated annual payments of $700 each, plus repayment of the $10,000 with three months' notice. 


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